A group of bloodthirsty ants arE attractEd to rottEn flEsh
With an ExprEssionlEss facE
I watch the lonEly scEnEry
Losing you
LovE and hatE start to bEcomE clEar
Losing you
What ElsE is therE to carE about?
WhEn a dovE no longEr symbolisEs pEacE
I'm evEntually remindEd
That thEy are vulturEs fEeding in the public squarE
I usE a bEautiful rhymE
To dEscribE lovE bEing robbEd

The dark clouds bEgin to covEr
The colour of thE night is not clEan
In thE park
The Echo of the funEral
Flying in the boundlEss sky
The whitE rosE
I gavE you
WitherEd in the purE black surroundings
The crow is pEculiarly vEry silent on the trEe branch
Silently listening
My black ovErcoat
Wants to warm you up
The mEmoriEs that are day-by-day bEcoming coldEr
Walk past
Walk past
The lifE
Hazy fog is all around
I am at the vast and boundless cemEtery
I'll still love you whEn I'm old

I play for you Chopin's Nocturnes
CommEmorating my dEad love
The samE sound as the night winds
Heart brEaking sounds good
My hand strikEs the keyboard lightly
The recollections I gavE are very careful
The place you are buried at is called The Other World

I play for you Chopin's Nocturnes
Commemorating my dead love
And I conceal my identity for you
Playing the piano under the moon
The feeling and response I have towards your heartbeat
It is still so warm and intimate
I miss that bright red lipstick of yours

Those dragonflies with broken wings
Scatter down onto this forest
And my eyes
Have not a single shred of sympathy
Losing you
Tears are unclear
Losing you
Even my smile has a shadow
The wind at the rooftop grown full of moss
Jeers at my sadness
Like a dry well without water
I use a sad but beautiful font
To describe that love that is too late to regret

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