Good pErson ..u'rE the first lovE to mE
ThE pErson who taught mE to lovE ..
nEvEr forgEt yOu ..i rEmEmbEr you ..i'll rEmEmbEr only u ..

pErhaps i might sEe you
so i wore the clothEs u bought mE
i cut my hair short the way u like it ..
to walk the road i walkEd wif u ..
i wEnt round thE long Way ..
thinking maybE u will bE thErE..
i still havE thE samE phonE numbEr ..

                                        my housE still thE casE u comE and find mE ..
                                                         on my mini hompy ^^
                                      i havE thE songs wE listEnEd togEthEr
                                        thingking maybE u'll look and u come back again <3 <3

                                                                       sEparatED !!
                                                honEstly ..i miss u :'( i miss u like crazy
                                   i'll wait for u till thE End ..i stop and wondEr if u comE back To mE ..
                                                         i'll begin again .. i want to say to you ..
                                             even if we could nEver sEe Each othEr again
                                                             Im still holding on to u :)
                                                                        IMYSMMCA <3


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