I think I ♥ You

   It cant bE..Its not posibblE..
that's what i told mysElf..
thErE's no way that im in love with you..
its just jEalousy..i must bE lonEly..
i try fooling mysElf..
but now i cant hidE anymore..

I think i love you ..
causE i miss you ..
whEn you arE not around ..
i cant do anything ..
i kEEp thing about you ..
sEeing how thing arE..I know..

Im falling for you ..
i didnt realize it..
now i nEEd you ..
All of thE time..
i now understand that
somEhow you alrEady grown dEEp
in my hEart ..
thEy say wE're not suitE..
that its bEttEr fOr us to just bE friEnds ..
From onE to tEn..
wE can nEvEr agrEE an anything ..
HoW can wE bE in rElationship ???
wHen EveryonE says wE can't last ??
Their words havE bEEn in my thoughts.
but i dont want to think about it anymorE !
I think I ♥ yOu ..
it must Be truE..
causE i Miss you ..
why didnt i rEalize what i Felt about u immediatEly ????
why didn't i sEe you..
whEn you wEre just in front ..
bEsidE mE all along..
why didnt i realize that i've lovEd you all along ???
I think I ♥ you
thats what it seEms..
causE i miss you ..
whEn ur not around..
i cant do anything ..

all i can do is just think about you ..

sEEing how thing arE..i know
im falling for you ..
i dodnt rEalizE it ..
Now i miss you ..
all of thE timE ..
i cAn sEE now..
that you've grown dEEp in my hEart
and that i've lovEd You all along ♥

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